Newfoundland Select Drafting

We design to use in shop process that use the latest CNC cutting, Bending, CAD CAM, Punching and Shaping equipment.

Being raised in a Metal Fabrication industry has taught us much in the steel Industry.  Most of our fabricated components were a one off project that pushed our design capabilities to the limit on a reoccurring bases.  Making us learn and use techniques that would not only drive us work efficient but also, we had to help our Clients develop fabricated components that put them ahead of the competition.  Speed of design and simple component usage are ways to be a cut above that our Clients would time and again praise our skills for.  That is why we choose to use SolidWorks as our drafting platform.


This type of environment has also helped us to develop our Steel Detail, Shop drawing, and Architectural takeoffs.  We know what it takes to develop a set of drawing that any shop employee can process.  Steel Detailing from Architectural prints are a strong point to us